Mission Statement
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Welcome to Salon Amis and element by Salon Amis

Salon Amis and element by Salon Amis is customer designed as a new, upbeat, functional and welcoming salon. This salon is a workplace where you can provide professional salon services and excel in your business and individual success. Our goal is to help you maintain your success by providing a quality, clean environment that your patrons will look forward to coming to over and over again.

At Salon Amis and element by Salon Amis we will do our best to encourage your success. The success will be sure to come with your cooperation in maintaining a high level of true professionalism and respect to everyone you come in contact with.

Below are highlights of some Amenities we offer, and General Conditions. We ask that you read them carefully:

  Salon Amis and element by Salon Amis will maintain a professional website at; www.salonamis.com and www.elementbysalonamis.com. Where each individual business owner will be able to place a description of their own business/services.


  Salon Amis and element by Salon Amis will provide credit card processing equipment which each business owner will be able to use.


  Wi-Fi provided for internet access.


  Evening hours secured entry and security surveillance system.


  The guest waiting area will have a flat screen TV, and a beverage counter.


  Stylist chairs will be provided for each business owner.


  The salon will provide one (1) washer/dryer room and one (1) break room.


  Towels/Smocks and sanitation cycle equipment washing machines provided.


  Maintaining and cleaning your work area is recommended weekly.


  Common area hair wash and dryer area.


  1 week free lease per 12 month contract and/or 3 weeks free per 23 month contract.


  Children are NOT to be brought to work. If and emergency occurs, approval from management is required.


  Birthdays are celebrated monthly.


  Beverage fund will be collected every 3 months. These beverages are for all clients.


  Suggestions/comments will be greatly accepted and discussed.


  All spills must be cleaned up quickly for the safety of all.


  Each business owner must maintain and display current Operator and Booth Renter License.


  Each business owner must maintain current continuing education.


  Current general liability must be maintained - $1 Million per occurrence minimum.


  Designated mixing and cleaning areas for disposing of colorant will be provided.


  Each business owner must maintain strict emphasis on sanitation to their brushes, combs, scissors, and all other regulated instruments.


  Each business owner must provid3e their own beauty products and instruments necessary to perform and maintain their business.


  Absolutely NO illegal drugs and/or alcoholic beverages with the exception of one complementary alcoholic beverage for each patron.


  Salon thermostats will be adjusted by Salon Amis or element by Salon Amis management only.


  Salons will be closed Sundays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (with exception to special events and/or 24 hour notice given to Salon Amis and element by Salon Amis management).


  Power strips must be approved prior to use (this is for safety and salon building).


  Exterior door keys shall be kept and used by lessee only – NO janitorial services shall have access to these keys.


  Any hanging anchors or hooks of shelving, mirrors hooks, racks etc. must be shown to owners prior to installation. Assistance with these items may be available. ABSOLUTLEY NO anchors, nails hanging on doors.


  Must maintain professional conversation in all open areas.


  All cell phones must be turned down when entering work area.   


Please download and completely fill out - Tenant PDF


Please download and completely fill out  - Application

Salon Amis
6609 Precinct Line Rd
N. Richland Hills, TX. 76182